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Lamisil Once 1% Cutaneous Solution - 4g

Lamisil Once 1% Cutaneous Solution

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  • Lamisil Once 1% Cutaneous Solution
Lamisil Once 1% Cutaneous Solution - 4g
Single dose treatment for athlete's foot
Effective antifungal treatment
Symptoms relieved within a few days
Suitable for 18 years and older
See full details below


Lamisil Once is a single dose treatment for athlete’s foot. Lamisil Once works by killing the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. When it’s applied to the feet, it leaves a colourless film that stays on the skin delivering the active substance into the skin.

Athlete’s foot appears only on the feet. It often starts between the toes, but it can also spread to the soles and sides of the feet. The most common type of athlete’s foot causes cracking or scaling of the skin. You may also have mild swelling, blisters, or weeping sores. This may often be associated with an itching or burning feeling.


If you have Athlete’s Foot, the skin between your toes will be red and itchy. Your skin may flake and crack and often the infection causes an unpleasant ‘cheesy’ smell. It is encouraged by moist, warm conditions and can be recognised by redness, irritation and itchiness between the toes. 

Lamisil Once delivers the active ingredient into the skin where it lasts for a number of days to kill the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. 


Please read the leaflet enclosed in the product carefully before use.

For external use

Apply only once. Do not apply it a second time.

You must apply Lamisil Once to both feet, even if signs are visible only on one foot. This is to make sure you get rid of the fungus completely: it could be present in other parts of the feet even if there are no visible signs of it.

When applied to the feet, the medication dries quickly to a colourless film. The tube has enough medication to treat both feet.

To get the best results, do not wash or splash your feet for 24 hours after applying it.

It is best to apply Lamisil Once after a shower or a bath


Please read the leaflet enclosed in the product carefully before use.

For external use

Age Restrictions

Not recommended for under 18 years old

Do Not Use

If allergic to any of the ingredients

If you suffer from long-term fungal infection of the soles and heels of the feet with thickened and/or obviously flaky skin 

Consult Your Doctor Or Pharmacist Before Use

If you are a diabetic as diabetes can increase the risk of foot problems.

If you are taking other medicines including those obtained without a prescription 

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding

Only use this medicine to treat the skin of your feet, be careful not to get it on your face, in your eyes, or on damaged skin (other than at the treatment site) where it could be irritating

Avoid contact with the eyes, In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water.

This medicine should be used with caution in patients with lesions where alcohol could be irritating. For example, after sun exposure or in case of severe skin scaling.

Keep away from naked flames (contains alcohol)



Active Ingredients: Each gram contains 10 mg Terbinafine (as hydrochloride).

Other ingredients: Acrylates/octylacrylamide copolymer; hydroxypropylcellulose; medium chain triglycerides; ethanol.

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